Retired Dogs

We Need Your Help


After Racing greyhounds finish their racing careers, we at bersheda feel they have given a good service to their owners, and see no good reason why they shouldn't enjoy their retirement. We therefore try to rehome as many of the dogs as possible or they are kept here as long as it takes to find a good home, although eventually some do have to go to the rehomeing kennels, of course a lot of owners do take their dogs home with them as they make good house dogs, & soon get used to a new routine.



If you feel you can give one (or more) of our ex-racing dogs a good home please get in touch with Alison on one of the numbers or email her, we will be in touch with you as soon as possible and arrange a vist for you to see any dogs that are ready for retirement. So please if you can help and give a dog a good home I think you will find it most rewarding from the love they freely give you in return, we will give you all the assistance we can. Thanking you in advance just for taking the time to read this appeal, from all at Bersheda kennels.

Many Thanks


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G.Colson 2008